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divorcesucks's Journal

A community for teens of divorcing parents
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Here is a community for the children (especially teens but anyone is welcome) of parents who are divorcing or have divorced. The struggles lessen considerably over time, but never subside completely. Plus there are often new issues when a parent starts dating, decides to marry, etc. Come here to vent, ask advice, etc. The idea is to support others and receive support of others in your position. If all of your friends's families are together and don't understand, come here. We know what you're going through. And if you see this community and there is like one person here, please join anyway. Once we get a few people we can have real discussion. And sometimes it's good to vent whether or not anyone responds. If your family is together and you are just reading this to do so, I respectfully ask that you leave so that members may feel secure in posting and sharing feelings with those that have been through similar things.

Note: If someone else has posted a similar rant or post, please feel more than free to post yours too. I understand that you need to get things out of your system. I would also appreciate it if people could refrain from comments about "this is just like ____'s post." Everyone's situation is differenet and feels unique to them.

Also, you do not need to apologize for writing long posts. They are totally welcomed here. If you're writing a novel, an LJ cut would be appreciated, but if it's a few paragraphs, as moderator, I don't care. This community is small enough that it's not like it's going to clog up people's friends pages.